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Legal Ethics Now & Next Episode 3: Another State of Mind

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Firms with lawyers licensed in different states. A legal ethics thumbs up? Or a gateway to UPL? Is there a method in Illinois for setting up these kinds of entities, limiting the principals’ liability, and avoiding ethical pitfalls? There is – it’s covered in Supreme Court Rule 721. But should lawyers — especially those seeking to establish multijurisdictional practices –pursue registration for their firms under that rule? What happens if they don’t? Listen in for details!

Show notes:

Supreme Court Rule 721

Joseph P. Storto v. Becker, 341 Ill.App.3d 337 (Ill. App. 2003)

Ford Motor Credit Co. v. Sperry, 214 Ill.2d 371 (2005) (note – I gave the date as 2008 in the ep, sorry for the error!)

ISBA Op. 12-09

Intro/outro theme: “My World and the Real Heart,” The Mild Oaths, Re-la-tor LP (Mr. Apollo Records)

Break 1: “Valise Amie,” Giant Merry-Go-Round, Intendments LP (Indirect Enquiries Rec’s)

Break 2 background: “Usually Harmonious,” Doublet Band, In Lonely Stations (Spared Ire Records)