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Legal Ethics Now & Next Episode 2: Sandboxing

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Episode 2 of Legal Ethics Now & Next covers a topic mentioned in the previous episode: the Utah program that allows lawyers and other professionals to own legal service providers – a/k/a the Utah “regulatory sandbox.” How does that program work, and how’s it going? We’ll review that in this episode, and look at what it might mean for the future of legal regulation too. Check it out below!

Show notes

Utah Office of Legal Services Innovation Monthly Reports and other downloadable information:

Intro/outro theme: “My World and the Real Heart,” The Mild Oaths, Re-la-tor LP (Mr. Apollo Records)

Break 1: “Valise Amie,” Giant Merry-Go-Round, Intendments LP (Indirect Enquiries Rec’s)

Break 2: “101 Wonders,” J.J. Roland and the Absolute Rules, “Lookin’ Good, Senator” cassingle (Preference for Legends)