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Legal Ethics Consulting

Ethics Consulting in the Legal System

More than ever, lawyers find themselves facing difficult professional problems and choices. Today’s practice crosses traditional geographic boundaries, it occurs in cyberspace, and it intersects with the rules and traditions of a global environment. Technological advances have created new threats to the confidentiality of lawyers’ communications with clients and our ability to protect the information we hold on their behalf, while giving us powerful new tools to provide legal services and to reach out to potential clients. Accusations of ethical lapses are favorite weapons of opponents and disgruntled clients, and they can now be broadcast to multitudes.

RSMD attorneys are committed to maintaining cutting edge familiarity with rapidly changing challenges and solutions. Indeed, the ‘law of lawyering’ has come of age during our legal careers, and we have been privileged to play roles in its development. We know it from the perspective of disciplinary enforcement, we know it from participation in national and state initiatives that have molded and interpreted the rules, and we know it from teaching it to law students and colleagues.

We believe in prevention and early intervention to ward off unfavorable consequences to whatever extent possible. We are dedicated to assisting our colleagues in unwinding thorny ethical dilemmas, conforming advertising to ethical requirements, making business plans that do not run afoul of the rules, and deciding litigation strategy that involves difficult applications of privilege or conflict of interest principles. We can assist when a firm suddenly discovers that one of its lawyers is licensed only in some other state or when a partner shows signs of depression or substance abuse affecting the representation of clients. We have helped hundreds of lawyers decide whether they are required to report misconduct by another attorney.

We recognize that these problems often ambush lawyers with little time to sort them through. We are committed to being available for an immediate consult when that is what you need. And when you want our advice in writing, we will provide a written opinion within a time frame that serves your needs.