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Legal Ethics Now & Next Episode 4: The 300

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Unregistered practice: disciplinary offense or technical error? It’s not an academic exercise: 300 Oregon lawyers had to reckon with the consequences of sudden un-registration, however unintended, this past month. Should they even have had to worry about potentially being disciplined? Why do we say that unregistered lawyers are engaged in the unauthorized practice of law? Where do we go from here? We’ll discuss the situation and a proposed solution in this episode.

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Show notes:

Supreme Court Rule 756

People v. Brigham, 151 Ill. 2d 58 (1992)

Applebaum v. Rush University Medical Center, 231 Ill. 2d 429 (2008)

Intro/outro theme: “My World and the Real Heart,” The Mild Oaths, Re-la-tor LP (Mr. Apollo Records)

Break 1: “Valise Amie,” Giant Merry-Go-Round, Intendments LP (Indirect Enquiries Rec’s)

Break 2 background: “Usually Harmonious,” Doublet Band, In Lonely Stations (Spared Ire Records)

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