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Alternative Business Models

Lawyers and Technology

Do you have an idea for a new or disruptive business model that can give you an edge in your practice area? RSMD can help you turn your idea into a viable business venture by working collaboratively to ensure that your practices are consistent with the ethics rules and to keep you out of the sights of regulators.

In order to gain a competitive advantage, many law firms and law-related businesses seek to work together to leverage technology to provide legal services more efficiently and effectively. We have helped numerous law firms and businesses successfully navigate the ethical concerns that can arise in these relationships, such as ensuring a lawyer’s professional independence, preventing the unauthorized practice of law, fee sharing, and advertising and marketing issues. We provide practical advice on how best to structure models which will achieve the desired outcome in an ethical manner. When appropriate, we write opinion letters which document our legal and ethical rationale, and assist our clients in crafting supporting policies, procedures and agreements which are compliant with the ethics rules.