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Catching Up With Where We’re Going

“Basel Train,” Masakazu Matsumoto (CC-by- 2.0) It’s been a hard and confusing time for so many, in so many ways, that it almost seems like folly to write a blog post sorting out the ethics of the difficulties of practicing law. We’re all trying to survive out here, not really thinking about Rule 3.2. Not […]

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Sari Montgomery Moderates APRL Panel

At APRL’s annual meeting in San Francisco, RSMD’s Sari Montgomery was pleased to moderate a panel discussion entitled Why People Lie and Why Should We Care. On the panel were Donald D. Campbell, Jim Grogan of the Illinois ARDC, and filmmaker Yael Melamede, discussing Dan Ariely’s research on the science behind dishonesty. Yael’s film (Dis)Honesty: […]

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