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Mary Robinson Presents at NIU Law

On April 5, 2019, RSMD’s Mary Robinson presented the 26th annual Francis X. Riley Lecture on Professionalism at Northern Illinois University School of Law in DeKalb, IL. This lecture series was established in 1994 to honor the late Professor Emeritus Riley, who devoted his life to the law and legal education. It brings distinguished speakers to […]

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Announcement: Robinson, Stewart, Montgomery & Doppke, LLC.

To our valued clients, colleagues and friends, We are excited to announce the formation of our new firm: Robinson, Stewart, Montgomery & Doppke, LLC. Practice dedicated to supporting lawyers pursuing ethical solutions to practice issues and lawyers defending accusations of unethical conduct. We look forward to continuing to serve you. Mary Stephanie L. […]

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When We Are Not Sure

“When we are not sure, we are alive.” – Graham Greene Now that you’ve all taken my advice and registered for this year, let’s talk about a part of the registration process that’s been receiving more and more attention in recent years: the question inquiring whether you have a succession plan. It will likely soon […]

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Brass Tacks Post: Litigation and ARDC Investigations

In the heat of a pitched litigation battle, Illinois lawyers sometimes report each other to the ARDC. These reports are often styled as “HimmeL” reports, i.e., reports made pursuant to a perceived duty to report another attorney’s alleged misconduct. Many of them are not, in fact, “Himmel” reports, even if the reporting lawyers characterize them […]

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One Door Opens: Commission Rule 56

In my last post, I discussed “deferred prosecutions” under ARDC Rule 108 – matters that are resolved before the Inquiry Board of the Commission without a formal complaint being voted. This option, while not without its pitfalls for respondent-attorneys, at least avoids the tribulations and trauma of a public disciplinary proceeding. Now, a new, similar […]

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