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All the Observance of Civility

The District Court for the Northern District of California recently implemented new Guidelines for Professional Conduct. Regular practitioners there, or even occasional ones, will need to become familiar with the guidelines, and must recognize that their conduct in that district can be judged with the guidelines in mind. But it’s instructive for anyone to examine […]

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Benefits and Risks

(Pieter Brueghel, The Village Lawyer, 1625) (or, The World Before Spreadsheets) I’ve been very, very, very, like glacially, slow-blogging a post about lawyers’ ethical duty of competency as it ties in to the ever-expanding capabilities and complexities of tech. Andrew Perlman’s excellent summary of ethical considerations on this issue was recently published in The Professional […]

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“Fitness Requirement” Doesn’t Always Fit

Lawyers sometimes make mistakes. They may violate rules of professional conduct. Does public protection always require the imposition of the heaviest sanctions – those that require showings of fitness to return to practice? The Legal Profession Blog recently asserted as much, but the case discussed doesn’t support such a hard-line approach. LPB describes the District of […]

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